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About Ausraeli


I'm Dana - an Australian Israeli (Ausraeli) who moved to Israel in 2017, and I am the all-in-one creative behind Food by Ausraeli! 


From baking, cooking, styling and photographing to promoting... and of course eating everything on this site, I am so excited to be able to share what I love.

The concept of Ausraeli began by me documenting of all the food I was making and baking in quarantine during Covid. During this time, I found my passion for cooking, styling and photographing food became a more significant and enjoyable part of my daily routine. So, having worked at Wix at the time, I decided to create this website to let those wanting to try my food, be able to order it.

Thus, Food by Ausraeli was born. 

Here you will find healthy alternatives to some of your favourite treats and meals. I am a semi-health nut with a sweet tooth so that led me to search for and create wholesome versions of the food I love to make and eat.

In addition, since living in Israel, I have made many new friends some of which are vegan, gluten-free, celiac and/or have a variety of other health allergies. This got me busy finding ways to alter many of my recipes or recipes I have come across to make them friendly for my friends and for you, to enjoy!

*I make to order and am available for catering & styling your next brunch/dinner party, or event.

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